About Us

Personalized Approach

Our translators come from all walks of life:

  • Ministry Translators

  • College Professors

  • Language Professionals and Freelancers

  • Amateur College Graduates

  • Newsreaders

  • Housewives

This enables us to tackle almost any subject under the sun with a high degree of expertise. The translators are available with us for ALL Indian languages and foreign languages too. All this ensures a very reasonably priced service without compromising on the quality, that is our hallmark.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Without restricting the natural flow of the matter, thus bridging any cultural gaps while aiming for technical perfection we have a quality control system in place that ensures high-quality output.

Even when a bigger project involves a number of translators, we make sure that consistency is not disturbed. This is done by a dedicated team of linguists who are not mere translators but have a good command over their languages by virtue of being native speakers of that language.

Even our typists belong to different language groups, who make it easier for us to spot aberrations, if any, thereby making for a greater degree of accuracy and also save valuable time.



Insured and Guaranteed

To meet the deadline set by our clients, we have an around-the-clock Internet connection from 3 different ISPs, as well as manpower with 24X7 availability.

We make sure our clients' businesses suffer no harm because of delays on our side. We are fully aware of the value placed on time in today's world and guarantee on-schedule delivery of a product satisfactory in all respects. The time span of each project is discussed in detail with the client before accepting any contract and the schedule is followed diligently.

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